Battery Tender?

I should receive my new WR450 next week :-) and was wondering what type/brand of battery tender I should get? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. Fred

Get the battery tender brand, the model is the battery tender plus

That way its big enough for a car battery or anything else you might need it for. i have one on my racecar all the dirtbikes and have a 4 year old battery in my drz400. It comes with some leads to wire on your battery terminals just run it down somewhere on your bike for a quick connect

Harbor Freight = $6.00

motomaster from Canadian tire

Definately buy the Battery Tender brand. They are designed to automatically turn on and off as needed--unlike other trickle chargers. This helps keep the battery from "overcharging".

I got the Battery Tender PLUS - Unlike the Junior it recharges a dead battery I beleive...

I love mine - Quick too..

I tried the Harbor Freight model. It says it's a trickle charger. Seemed to work fine at keeping the battery charged while sitting, but couldn't charge a weak battery (not dead, just weak) and couldn't help a run down battery. I switched to a Battery Tender Jr and they can charge a weak battery overnight. I like 'em.

The Battery Tender Jr. is just the right size for these small WR batteries. Plug it in the night before riding and your topped off the next morning. One of my friends charges his KTM with a Jr. thru a 110volt inverter while driving in his truck to the riding areas.

If a bigger charger is needed, there are probably charging or battery problems to deal with.

Purchased battery tender clone from UAP. Most small chargers will do the trick if under 1.7

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