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I am 19 years old and have been riding since I was 6, and since then I have always dreamed of buying a brand new dirt bike that would be mine from the beginning. I went down to the Yamaha dealer today and saw that they have a 06 YZ450 going for 6100 before taxes. They don’t have any 07's in, but said that they could get one for me, but it would run around 7100 before taxes. I know there have been a lot of changes done to the 07, but my question to everyone out there is this. Are all the changes made to the 07 worth another $1000? I have already checked with all the dealers around me and both of these prices are the cheapest. If you were faced with this decision what would you do?

I would go somewhere else and get the 2007 for the price of there 2006.It can be done.

I would go somewhere else and get the 2007 for the price of there 2006.It can be done.

I Agree with Kyle

Do more shopping

Good Luck!:bonk:

Yeah good luck but you should get a better price..

No doubt. You should should be able to come fairly close to that price for an 07. 06's were clearing out late last year in the low $5K range. Shop around until you know your dealers. Offer them $6100 for the 07. If they say no, move on. It's their loss, not yours. Eventually you will find a dealer who will take it or something very close.

I see you live in Ohio, when I was shopping late last year that was where I found the best price. ($4800. for a leftover 06) I found a yellow one local with 20 minuets on it for $4900. I wanted the yellow and didn't have to make the drive. Definitely use the web and shop.

they have a 06 YZ450 going for 6100 before taxes. ... (an '07) would run around 7100 before taxes.
Those prices seem high. When I bought the '06 in June, it was $6200 OTD, done, finished, including everything. In SoCal, with everything that has to be added on, that wasn't bad. You can do better.

And, no, I don't think that I would pay a grand more to get an '07. 5-600, maybe, not a grand.

Listen to the advise you have been given. These guys know what they are talking about. I realise you are young and anxious to get your first brand new bike. Evidently from the prices you were quoted the salesmen saw this too. I see that you are in Ohio. I don't know what part of Ohio you are located in but if you are close to the Toledo area check out Honda East. They are a Yamaha and Honda dealer. When I was looking for a sportbike they were well know for having some of the best prices in the country. If you are in southern Ohio and don't mind a long drive to Tennessee check out Abernathy's in Union City Tn. That is where I bought my 06. Again, a little patience can save you some big dollars.

i bought my 04 250f and my 06 yz 450 from them, its great prices and good people to deal with. you have to call them up because they dont have there website updated with the 06 and 07s but they do have them in stock.. i give them :bonk::naughty:

Thank you to all of you how have replied to this topic. I’m going to take your advice and try to find a better deal. I live in West Chester Ohio, which is about 30 minutes north of Cincinnati, and I have talk to four dealer ship around me. If anyone else if from this area and knows of a good dealership I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know.

Kxman, where is the dealership you are talking about located, I could not find it on there website?


ThumperKid250F, where is the dealership you are talking about located, I could not find it on there website?


So would you say if I started my negotiation at $6200 OTD for an 07, would be a good why to start, or should I even go lower than that?

I bought my 07 yz450 for $5950 I think you can get a better deal elsewhere. I would do some calling around.

You could start there, or a little lower, but it helps if you have quotes from other dealers that you could take your business to. Also, you should know that a high volume dealer is more likely to be able to sell for a discount than a small one. Dealers often get price reductions on bikes depending on the number of units sold. By contrast, last year's hold overs may be cheaper at a low volume dealer, simply because discounting it may be the only way for them to sell it, and they cost money to keep.

Don't forget, out of state on tax. Slightly used same thing.

sorry, that's no tax.

yea some people are stupid and actually pay what they ask such as 7100 plus tax and all that. find one where you can get it for the highest at around 6500 OTD, if you can find lower go for it.


Since I live in Ohio if I was to go to o say Kentucky, I would not have to pay their tax? And it would be tax free?

yes, there is no out-of-state tax. so if you live on the border of ohio/what-ever state you can save your self a couple hundred bucks.

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