07 Throttle stop

Hi guys, Love this site. So much good info. Im getting ready to open up my 07 a little. Im taking the cork out of the pipe. Putting in an on/off switch for the grey wire. And taking the throttle stop off. First 2 things sound easy, but Im not real clear on the throttle stop. Could someone go into detail about this. ( Sorry, Im sure this has been gone over before). I really dont want to get into jetting or other mods right now. Just want to ad a little power & sound for now. Thanks


Follow this link and get a YZ stop or cut 11mm off the one on the bike. I cut the one off on my 06 and works just as good as the 12 dollar one at the dealer.

if you get the Yamaha GYTR AIS removal kit it comes with one.

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