Rallye fairing for XR650R???

Right, looks like I might very well be heading over to the US in the next few weeks to buy an XR650R afterall!

I want to prep it up with some Rallye/touring parts, including the Acerbis 23litre tank and a top fairing with roadbook/rally IMO computer etc. in a similar style to a Dakar rallye machine...

I've found one company in Europe who sells a twin headlight fairing to interconnect with the Acerbis tank: www.dirtbike.at/honda/xr650/xr65verkl.html (see the version with the Acerbis tank)

But was wondering if anything is available in the States directly, as the price for this one from Europe is a bit high, and I will have to order it before and bring it with me of course...

Any help most apprieciated!



Thank you!

That was just the sort of thing I was looking for!

I've posted in the other thread...


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