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Neighbor friendly pitster exhaust

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I couldn't find a quieter aftermarket silencer for my Pitster X3R so here's what I did.

I found a brass pipe plug at the local hardware that measured almost exactly the same diameter as the perforated pipe in the silencer (it's stamped 1 1/4" but actualy measures 1 9/16"o.d.). A little grinding made it fit snug in the pipe and the endcap holds it from comming out. Drill whatever size hole in it you want and check the exhaust note. Mine is 1/2".

The mod is almost undetectable and can be removed quickly if desired. It can also be drilled larger while on the bike.

It's almost as quiet as my boy's stock CRF100 and that's quiet!

I've only ridden it in the yard so far but it still seems to have nuts.

I'll let you know if it sux when I get it somewhere where I can REALY open it up.

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