XR650R With a 280 Pound Owner!

Just bought an 01 XR650R and the stock shocks seems a little soft. Any idea what Eibach shocks would be the best for me? I weight about 275 and am about 5'10 inches tall.

I want a shock that can handle a few jumps...not too crazy... and handle well on trails. Any help would be Great!

Thanks guys..

Congatulations and welcome to TT. For the proper suspension settings and spring rates, check this out just enter your info and it will tell you what you need, you may print it out and keep as a reference.


Start with the right springs for your weight unless you have the budget to just drop the forks and shock off to be tuned and sprung for you. Weight yourself and input that number into the race tech spring calc.

wow! that was great~! thanks for everything!!

I too am about 275, 6'6". I sent both my forks and Rear suspension out to Too tech in So Cal. tootechracing.com this is a great web site filled with loads of info. They installed new springs in both the front forks and the rear. Worlds different, probably the most important thing done to the bike. They were great to deal with. Also Barnums will do them for you. Barnumspro.com He, as you will soon find out, has more info than anyone about this bike. I trust Rob with everything XR650R related. See his site and if you don't have one yet, get the Edelbrock. That is the second best thing you can do. Also, once that suspension is set up for you, at 5'10" you will not be touching the ground, my point being you don't want to be kicking all day when you fall off, unless you don't plan on falling off. Good luck and welcome to the group.

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