No Oil?!

It is my understanding that standard Mobil 1 does have friction modifiers in it, and therefore should not be used with a wet clutch. That is why most people use Mobil 1 MX4T that has no friction modifiers and is designed for wet clutches. That is what I use in my bikes.

XR'S only says stay away from mobil 1 period or any other synthetic car oil they told me they use conventional oil in all there bikes, Kendall 20/50 weight , If they use it and have been in the business for as long as they have they must know something about it. Havent seen mobil 1 motorcycle oil and i cant stand the prices for oils at most motorcycle shops such a rip $6 for most non synthetic motorcycle oils and $8 or so for synthetics

Mobil1 car oil that has the energy conserving stamp on the back, ( extended performance, etc, i think truck and suv now as well) has moly in it and other stuff in the add pack that you want to stay away from to my understanding.

I just changed my streetbike oil to mobil1 15-50 red cap and that didn't have the stamp of death. It's a car oil and what designed for high rpm motors. To my knowledge it does nto have moly in it, so it's fine for wet clutch apps.

There's allways oil wars, my friend who only runs motorcycle specific syn oil even got in a gas argument with me because I only run premium Shell or Chevron in my XX and XR and he runs any regular in his XX and it runs fine, he didn't understand additives till he had the carbs off to rejet for a K&N and pipe, I took a peak down at the intake valves... globs of built up hard carbon with 29K miles on it, mine has 35k with hardly any sign of carbon build up on the valve stems and the spark plugs that came in it new.

"The full synthetics especially automotive oils contain a molybdenum additive"

"The Mobil 1 synthetic does not have moly additives and is not API energy conserving"

"That is why most people use Mobil 1 MX4T that has no friction modifiers and is designed for wet clutches"

Reading these quotes makes my head hurt! The first quote is partly right. I say partly right because nearly every motor oil, automotive, motorcycle, synthetic, non-synthetic has moly in it. Don't believe me? Go to and look under the "virgin oil analysis" forum. You will find one in particular where a guys tested many common oils. You will find nearly the same amount of moly in both the Mobil 1 "auto oils" as well as their motorcycle specific MX4T and Vtwin. About 60ppm to be exact. And that is parts per million which isn't really that much. You will also find moly to some degree in nearly every other MOTORCYCLE specific oil!

The second quote, well I think I just discusse that one as well and proved it wrong.

Third quote. You better believe there are friction modifiers in MX4T; yes to include moly.

Not trying to be an ass here, but it bothers me when people spew what they believe to be correct information. The info is out there; do your homework before you start trying to educate someone.

Here's a older oil test MC specific verses Auto oils, only benefit I can see is the dealer can afford that new Lexus more frequently.

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