Graphics question

Hi all. I'm new to the forum as I just picked up a 2001 YZ426F yesterday. It's a ton of bike! Anyhow, the previous owner painted the plastics flat black to match the black front and rear fender that was on it. I'm thinking about a graphic kit.

Does anyone know what years (besides 2001) would fit without to much hacking of the decals?

Any help is appreciated.

I've got an '01 YZ426f also that I still take out and ride. It was and is a great bike. Bulletproof and reliable. I no longer race it as I have bought a '06 YZ450F.

As far as graphics go, I don't have pics of it but I have the screaming skull graphics on the 426. They look awesome.

You can find them at this website. Congrats on your bike. :bonk:

1998-2002 graphics should all fit your '01. manufacturers are pretty specific so just check the fine print before ordering. have fun...

Thanks a ton. The XGX are hot. Can't wait to get it prettied up just to tear the heck out them in the woods!

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