Valve Shim Replacement

So far I have measured two intake valves at .1 mm and a third a .15mm, the exhaust are spot on at .25mm each

I have a feeler guage (I have no idea if this is the right name for the tool) incremented in .05 mm steps. Is this accurate enough as I see some people have measured their gaps at .26mm ?

I phoned my local toolshop and he said thats all they have available (.05 increments)

Confirmation would be good to hear !


You should be all set!!

.05 mm is a bit course. Imperial feeler gauges are available in 0.001 in increments (0.0254 mm)That's what I use.

Also saw your post on the footpeg mod. It is very important to weld them. I know of a guy who was paralysed when his footpeg broke off. Don't take any chances! They need to be TIG welded because they are quite thin. Don't use too much filler because the spring needs to fit over top. Most machine shops should be able to do this for you.

Took em in to get em welded today.

TIG welding ? whats that ? I have no idea what kind of welding the guy will do, I thought welding was welding ??

1 - TIG: Tungsten inert gas

2 - MIG welding

3 - Arc or "Stick" welding

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Is it a problem if its NOT TIG welded ?

If the welder knows what he is doing you don't need to worry. The barrel is quite thin so it requires someone with experience. TIG and MIG are best for thin material.

With TIG welding the filler metal is added by the operator, so he can add as much or as little as needed.

During MIG welding, the filler metal is added constantly. They are also known as a wire feed welder - you have probably seen this type before. If your peg is MIG welded it will be just as strong, but you will probably need to grind off the excess filler metal in order to fit the spring.

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