Dailing in my 07 YZ450 & first ride!

All I can say is WOW!!! Bike is amazing, best I have ever riden.

I finally rec'd my carb from ZipTY and Rekluse Pro clutch came the same day, got everything together. I need to do some minor adjusting. On the first ride, took it easy for first and then let her rip. Its absolutly a rocket, very smooth, I could loft the front wheel anytime I wanted. I just loved the feel of the whole bike. Here's what I did to it, THANKS to all of you off Thumpertalk.:bonk:

07 YZ450F White 127277037-S.jpg

ZipTy Carb Mod

1/4 Throttle Mod(Love this mod)

Dubach Carbon Fiber Exhaust

Rekuse Pro clutch & cover

W/C Stuff mostly for looks

W/C Skid Plate

W/C starting device

Enzo Suspension Mods

Rental O-Chain & Sprokets

Step Seat

Black Excel Rims

Custom Graphics & numbers

Michelin MS3 front, MH3 rear

Moose foot pegs

I race the +50 Expert class and I think I have the perfect bike for my style of riding.

The carb mod is great, no bog or hesitation from 0 to wide open, tried a 3rd gear start and scared the crap out of me, it was fast.

The Rekluse will take a bit to get use to, I like it, it needs a bit of fine tuning.

1/4 throttle mod is great, it's no effort to twist it, nice mod and easy to do.

Dubach Exhaust seems good, haven't tried the stock so I can't really.


So far I am really please with the set up, just need some track time now!!

Thanks again to everyone a Thumptalk for all the advise.

I hope to have my carb back from Zip-Ty next week. Thanks for the report; I look forward to my carb working like it should. I have the Dubach Lo-Boy also. I run the +30 Ex. and Senior +40 classes and like the way my bike runs too. Just hoping the carb bog is in the past.


Just hoping the carb bog is in the past.

I had ZipTy do my carb on my 06 and I still have a bog if you blip the throttle. It's fine once you open it up, but for 1/8 throttle and a quick blip, it bogs. I thought it was fixed, but even after some turns on the fuel screw,

it still happens. I'd be curious once you get yours back.

Take a very close look at the carb to make sure the filter boot is on and sealed. It took alot of messing with it to get it on right. That would cause a bog and nothing you do would fix the bog until the boot is tight.

very nice looking bike. I would have done only 2 things diff style wise - either all black or all red seat cover, and red anodized hubs. But that's just me - still a very good lookin bike!

I never gave it much thought, but your right, a black seat would look good. I was more interested on the performance, I wanted a great running bike that looked good and fun to ride.

Very nice bike -

agreed black seat cover...

No bog on my ZipTy modded carb - :bonk:

I had ZipTy do my carb on my 06 and I still have a bog if you blip the throttle. It's fine once you open it up, but for 1/8 throttle and a quick blip, it bogs. I thought it was fixed, but even after some turns on the fuel screw,

it still happens. I'd be curious once you get yours back.

Try a smaller pilot. I am back to stock jetting on my 06 with the Zip- Ty modded carb.

What exactly is the 1/4 throttle mod? I understand that ZipTy is a awesom bang for ur buck but what is the other mod for (1/4 throttle)????

It's basically a mod to build up your throttle tube were the cables ride on. Takes less effort to get maximum use of your throttle.

Here's the link http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=485653

:bonk: Thanks alot for the info i will def be getting it.. I think ima go with the Pro style one and Ill just switch between the stock and the PRO depending on how the track is etc...

Any more comments on the Rekluse? I am thinking about getting an '07 YZ450 and setting it up with the Rekluse. I ride tight twisty gnarly single track and think it would be a blast as long as it doesn't fail.

I haven't much time on it, so far I like it. I will be riding & racing this weekend and will update you on Sunday. With the new pro version, you can still use the clutch. I tried a few 3rd gear starts and it worked great.

Nice bike!:bonk:

Where did you get the Graphics from?

Graphics are from Decal Works.

Just getting back to everyone, had my first race on the bike, it was all that I expected. Bike and total set up was almost perfect for me. Heres a bit of a run down on each mod.

Rekluse clutch: It takes a while to get use to, I had a bad habit of clutching it a bit. The first ride I did stall it, I think I was in too high a gear exiting a tight corner. Never had a problem after that, it's more a mind set than riding with it. Once I got more comfortable with the bike I was able to open it up more and more. It absolutly rips. I did have a soft fall in a tight mud corner, picked the bike up and away I went, no stall.

Zip Ty Carb Mod: Bike ran perfect, I did go to a 165 main which slove a bit of decel poping. Great investment, very smooth and no hesitation.

1/4 throttle mod. Great mod, takes a bit to get use to. When you lay on the throtlle, wow!! I found this out going through a fast, whooped out sand section, I was in 4th or 5th and openned it up, I wheelied the entire section, never done that before, the throtte control is no effort and very responsive and controlable.

Dr D pipe and Enzo Suspension just compliments the whole package, I had many people come over to look at the bike and ask questions about it.

My last moto I felt good, thought I would try a 3rd gear start, all ready at the gate, gate drops, nothing, everyone is gone, I had it in neutral, dummy! Anyway I got on it, dead last and won the moto, didn't touch the clutch once, left in 4th and had fun. All in all, I am impress with the bike and mods, I am good to go for the season.:thumbsup:


That is the sweetest looking 4-fiddy I have seen. I rode a buddy's Sunday, and bought one Monday!! This thing handles like it's on rails, and NO VIBRATION!!! I have had lots of bikes over the last couple of years, and I think I'm finally home. I am very interested in the Rekluse, so keep posting as you get more time on it if you can.

Thanks, I did do some fine tuning with the Rekluse, first I had it set up with 24 balls with Medium Engagement RPM with Soft Engagement rate. I found this setting too sensitive, the bike was very low idle and it still creaped ahead in 1st at idle. It would pop stall easily at this setting. I changed it to 24 balls High Engagement RPM with Soft Engagement rate. This setting I am able to adjust the idle higher for mx. I really like this setting. Once I get more comfortable I may try the 27 balls with Hard Engagement rate. The clutch is very easy to modify once you understand how the Rekluse works. I plan on doing different types of riding this year so I think the Rekluse Pro was an excellent choice. Only time will tell on the relibility. So far seems very solid,

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