450 ready to race

I posted this in the picture forum also, but I thought you guys would like this too. I got my 450 already for this season. Let me know what you think.




Very nice!

Beautiful. :bonk:

very clean and the polished clutch cover looks cool.

very nice

looks great

Only one thing missing!.....> Ready Racing oil filter cover.

Other than that> It looks good

not much on the graphics but looks nice anyways

great lookin bike. I agree the clutch cover looks great. Did u just polish it yourself? Does it take some upkeep to keep it lookin good?

Thanks guys! Yeah, I sanded the clutch cover and the ignition cover and polished them myself. I have done this to a lot of bikes. It takes like an hour and a half to do when the bike is brand new. I just sand it with a really agressive sand paper to get the paint off, bht I use finer and finer sand paper, then aluminum polish. When I wash the bike I scrub it with an SOS pad and that makes it look pretty good. Every week before a race I hit it with a little aluminum polish and it makes it look like a mirror. It only takes about 30 seconds to clean it up again.

looks great! but why no megabomb on the 450 to?

I got a deal on the powerbomb that I couldn't pass up. I wanted the megabomb, but couldn't see spending the extra money.

looks good but if ya ask me, hand guards are for girls.

That's cool if that's your opinion, but try getting a bad start in the 450 pro class and see what you think of hand guards then. After a couple of broken fingers from rocks, I'm sure you wouldn't mind a set. Trust me, I've been there and done that.

looks good but if ya ask me, hand guards are for girls.

Try telling that to my knuckle that's still swollen from when it got nailed with a rock in a race last weekend. :bonk:

Hand guard, you must be joking!, I ride a lot of HS's, A MX friend wanted to check a race out to see what they were all about, he showed up bare knuckled! ( no guards ), I asked him: where's your barkbusters, he answered with a question, do ya think I'll need them. I looked at another fellow HSer and smiled .......... absolutely!!!!!, he barrowed a pair. After the race I looked at the face of the guards, looked at him........... he didn't say a word, just smiled:bonk:

Nice machines!:bonk: Riding with thrashed hands is dread man,protect those digits people 1 vote for hand guards!

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