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Yet...Another rebuild thread

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After suffering some engine damage which I will get to in a minute, I saw RallyImprezive online rebuild and website while trying to troubleshoot my own mechanical issues. Thinking to myself, hmmm, bike is 4 years old...time for a tear down to frame and back up, checking every bolt and bearings.

So...engine damage, not sure what caused it...overtighting of cam cap, oil failure (use fault DUH) or what not...exhaust valves dropped and made contact with piston. I checked the valves about a year ago and still were in spec. During reassmbley, I most likely overtightend the cam cap on head thus causing gradual deteriation of the ex.cam since cam seat started to flatten out on top. This caused insufficient oil lubrication and well...see the picks.

You can see the grooves in cam cap and in the cam itself




Old head


Slew of old parts. Note piston and where valve was contacting it:mad:


So, after seeing Rally's powdercoat job, went the same route!



New:thumbsup: Spent a few hours making sure frame oil tank was spotless inside with brake cleaner and running oil through before starting rebuild. Not a spec of dirt! Hence the puddle of oil below oil intake/outake lines.


Got these:ride: instead of OEM


Everything layed out, ready to go for rebuild.





Engine in...


Engine in, rebuild has started and then I forgot to take pics as I progressed...but ended up with this.



Things that are left...well, like RallyImprezive, my decals are on back order? Imagine that. My sponser, I-90 Motorsports who did the engine head work, decal supplier is a bit behind, but getting new fork,fender, shroud, swingarm and number plate decals. So for now, looks kinda naked IMO. While the engine was getting work done, pulled every bearing, cleaned, repacked or replaced as necessary. Replaced hotstart assembly and plunger. Pulled carb apart and thoroughly cleaned again. New RK gold chain, counter-sprocket and rear sprocket. Ordering a new SDG tall seat for a little more comfort for those 100 mile rides (you can only stand so long.) Next big purchase will be a FMF Q and powerbomb to get my noise level down below 96 db.

We started the rebuild/assembly around 12:30 and finished around 5:30. Put my stock tank on for temp. purposes of seeing if bike would run. Added some gas, primed kicked it a few, pulled choke and it fired 1st kick!!!!!! And man, the compression in kick is much stiffer (back to factory.) It lives after 3 weeks in a coma! Then a small problem ensued...Had to chase down a coolant leak, coming out of the engine head. Drained, pulled the fitting, cleaned o-ring and added some hi-temp silicone and voila, no more leak. Put the tank on and again, fired right up. At this point, we started putting my regular equipment on. Took it around the block. Wow, good throttle response as I also rejetted with a JD (185m, blue needle) and a zip-ty fuel screw. Checked the leak, check fluid levels, all looks good.

Of for a break in ride tomorrow and then an oil change tomorrow night!!! After the costly engine mistake, going to be anal about this. Oh...and have a mechanic check the valves. I learned the hard way. Yes, I know it is easy, but hey, the mechanic lives 5 minutes away!

I'll give a report on ride tomorrow in regards to the difference the cam makes as well as a fresh top-end!!!

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Nice work Mike...looks sweet :bonk:

I still see that Yamalube though...lol.

Jeez, I have to get up for the Sparkplug in 3 1/2 hours...why am I on TT???

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