HELP !!! Metal in oil filter

I also see small amounts of different colored particles, like dull red, yellow, even some green !

You must have gotten the Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki flake oil additive.

The steel is probably the crank big end rod bearing. I just bought a used WR bottom end and the only bad bearing was that one. The sand might have come in from the breather tube. I don't know about the rest of the garbage. Maybe the clutch as mentioned before or timing chain guides. Are there any funny noises? If not, put a magnetic oil plug in it. Ride it and see if it breaks or take it apart now.

Check the bottom clutch disc. I've got two 400's that have broken the bottom clutch disc and the oil filters were full of aluminum. I'm sure your oil pump is trashed (mine was) and maybe some bearings. Get ready to spend big bucks and that's if you do the work your self. If your going to hire it done you may as well part it out on ebay.......Sinse there is so little running time on it you could do what I am doing and maybe get lucky. I took my eng. out of the frame and picked/flushed out all the pieces with the right side case and clutch basket off. You can see into the sump area below the oil pump pick up through a pretty good size hole in the right case half........Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

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