What mods are correct for the 03 WR 450

I was thinking of applying the "free mods" to my 03 WR 450.

Are the ones listed for the 05-06 models good for the 03?

I am also wanting to open up the exhaust, but the two main parks I ride in dont like loud bikes. are there any mods that are not too loud?

I live and ride in cental Texas, 800-900 feet above sea level, average riding temp 70-95 degrees. Any tips as far as jetting is concerned. (I am convinced my bike is lean.)


the 2003s have a starter/crank issue.

you need to do this if it hasnt already been done!


and no, the 2003 had no AIS so there is less "free mods" to do. but there is still some!

-open intake

-open exhaust


-throttle stop

-grey wire

I just bought an '03 on Sat and need to do these mods, so I'm looking for something that shows what to do so I know I'm doing the right stuff.

so what's the REASON for this starter/crank issue? is this the "woodruff key" fix? the seller told me my bike was built with these fixes already on it. I'm looking for the VIN tag to see if it has the punch mark indicating this (?)...

Do a search for "woodruff key" and you'll get all the information you need.

And no, the punch mark doesn't mean that you're bike is "fixed." It just means they locktighted the stator bolt, which will reduce the chances of you're woodruff key shearing right away, but does nothing to relieve the force on the gears due to backfires since the 03 starter motor doesn't have the ability to free-wheel backwards.

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