Q2 header pipes

Has anybody ran the Q2 on a stock header pipe or do you have to buy an aftermarket header. FMF has no specific information about this, they say you should not haveto adjust anything accept maybe jetting issues which are beyond their control. I bought the Q2 and have every intention on using the stock header. I use only stock jetting since I am only 321' above sea level, so I dont think jetting will be an issue. Any input would be great.:bonk:

2000 yz426 is the bike,all stock.

I run the Q, and power core both, using the stock header....

2000 YZ426...

I ran a stock header with my Q. It is a tight fit without a seal, but does not leak.

I only had to adjust my fuel screw after adding a Q, but mine was running lean already.

I ran the FMF Q on my 426 with the stock header for quite a while, no issues. No jetting changes were necessary. I upgraded the header to a Powerbomb and did notice a little more snap across the whole range, again with no jetting changes. So the Q works with both just fine.

Did anyone have any issues where the old header met the new Q2: such as the graphite seal. I havent had a chance to see if it fits but the q2 end looks alot smaller does the stock seal even go in there?

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