Using Mexican Pemex in a WR450

I need some help:confused: . Have any of you here had difficulities (aka "knocking", "pinging" or detonation using Mexican Pemex on any of your trips down to the Baja. Did you have to take octane booster with you? I also posted this question in the international forum but thought being more bike specific would help as well. Any comments?:bonk:

I've never had an issue from the Pmex stations. When you buy gas out of milk jugs is when you might have a problem, but I still never have.

2,200 Baja miles on my 06 WR450 using Pemex Extra and have yet to hear a ping.

I was just down there on a 500 mile ride over three days and used gas bought out of milk jugs as well as from the Pemex station. It ran better using the milk jug gas (Supremo) than it did on the 87 octane from the Pemex station. Didn't have any problems.

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