bike is finished

and yes I do take it in the dirt ,I have 2 sets of wheels.

mod bike 001.jpg

2 002.jpg

2 003.jpg

2 005.jpg

2 006.jpg

looks good :bonk: now get out there and ride it :naughty: what headlight is that on there? is the tank painted?

no its a clarke tank, the headlite i bought from the tt store

no its a clarke tank, the headlite i bought from the tt store

Looks really good!

I'm also kind of interested in the headlight(s)....have you ridden at night yet?

I found that set of headlights and just one more question: the assembly mounts with a strap?

What size clarke tank is that? Plastic I assume, but it looks so shiny!

the tank is a 4 gallon clarke,and yes I have ridden at night and they are brighter than stock,but really can a guy ever have enough lite? lol I ran it today for the break in and I had a oil leak on my oil cooler I have to pick up some new copper washers that should solve the problem I'll post some more pics of all the trick l.e.d lits I have. it was a long winter here so I just kept tinkering away.

I forgot yes the lite is mounted with a strap and its a nice set up very well made and very thick rubber alot thicker than acerbis straps

Did you make your exhaust deflector yourself or that a WB one??

Where did you get the SuperMoto wheels? How much? Use the stock hubs?

stainless steel home made

Nice lookin ride!! :bonk::naughty:


the wheels were on the bike when I bought it the back is stock and the front is a 19" rim not sure offhand what brand but it does have the stock hub and stainless steel oversize spokes,and my other wheels are stock with off road tires,this is a nice set up if you ride your bike to work every day,it only takes about 20min to switch over.

Those headlight's look very nice and the acerbis handgaurds are much nicer than my stock ones. Great lookin bike.

Bike looks great! What rear fender is that? Whats it off of?

crf 450x .You will have to get the tail lite which is also a brake lite,they don't come as one the whole set up will cost around $50.00 and if you search my posts on crf fender install I posted some pics on how I did it.

good luck,

ride red

roost on blue

thats a sweet sweet looking ride

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