Whats Up With Stroker ??

For the last 3 weeks I cannot find the Stroker web site. Are they down...bankrupt...taken over...

...anybody know whats up ???

I have tried as well.

I have tried also. I gave up and finally got their phone number. Let me see if I can scour it up for you.

p.s. Customer Service has been a topic on this forum recently. Talk about great customer service!!! These guys have it!

Here it is:


Milkman...thanks....well their answer-phone still works...I'll try calling back when they're out of bed !!!

Well, they're out of bed now.....

Great service...the guy took my order by phone and I'll have what I need sent asap !!

Oh yeah...their website is being re worked...the guy had no idea when it'll be back up.

They told me 3 weeks ago that the website would be back up and running in a week's time. They hust have hired one of those "Paper Tiger's" to re-work the web site....My folks can completely re-build and post a website in a matter of hours... Go Figure....

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by MOmilkman:

Here it is: Strokers phone number--760.948.2871

I spoke with them this morning. The site will be back up soon. They ran into some unexpected problems and they are getting those fixed.

Larry, Jerry, Dave and myself all appologize for the inconvenience this has caused you all. Sometimes the electronic world we live in gives us as many problems as they solve. If you need to contact them, please call them and they will handle anything they can for you.


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