Does your bike...

does your bike blow excessive ammounts od oil out of the greather and overflow while you ride i have tried to correct the problem many time but to no avail any ideas and no i did not overfill the bike thankyou

No it does not! One word will sum this up> BLOW BY! okay maybe two:bonk:

How many miles? Is it original top end? :bonk:

I thought over-filling them with oil would cause this as well. Are you sure that the oil level is correct as per the proper methods in the Honda Service Manual?

well its not blow by its got 2 miles since rebuild so no blow by im 90% possitive i put the proper ammount in would it be a bad idea to cap that off, see i would think it would be blow by too but nothing is coming out of the breathers

Revving the crap out of it will also caluse the breather to blow oil out.

Thats why baja 600s had oil recirculation bottles.

nothing more than quarter throttle so im not sure but i braked pretty hard the other day and it blew out of there too so im thinking there might be something wrong with the oil tank in the frame isnt there some sort of valve to keep that from happening

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