Frozen front brake. Now no front brake.

OK, so I'm a poser tool.

I haven't pulled out the BRP for a couple months and needed to get ready for a ride in 3 weeks. So I pulled it out of the shed........literally had to pull it out.

The front brake was frozen.

I opened the bleeder nipple and all that pressure popped the fluid out into the catch basin I set up. I figured it was a good time to install the Galfer stainless brake line I have acquired, so I pulled the stocker and attached the stainless line. Next I tried the brake bleeding procedure I've seen here but no go. I could not get any brake line pressure and it didn't seem to be pumping through the master cylinder to the caliper.

So I tried to prime it from the bottom and sure enough, I can prime the line with a syringe attached to the bleeder nipple.

But NO, I cannot prime it into the master cylinder and into the reservoir.

Even with the line full and the reservoir full, I can not generate any line pressure. When I tried the bleed procedure again, no brake pressure was generated, it just does not pump down the line.......

Any ideas out there from real mechanics..........?



Make sure you have gravity flow from full open top master cylinder(MC) to the bleeder open. If yes, then bleed the MC by itself 1st. close off bleeder below. Now bleed MC. Have a wrench to slightly open banjo bolt on MC, pull in lever & hold in till you snug banjo bolt closed. Repeat this several times to make sure fluid comes thru clean & no air. If this cannot be done, your MC maybe bad. If you do have success, then the next part is the hardest. The loop in line that goes up before down to the wheel cylinder(WC) above the handle bars, holds the air & cannot move enough fluid to move air.(cause it will slowly float back up before you can repurge.) I used a vacuum pump & still had the hardest time getting air out & almost gave up. Probably the easiest way, would be remove the WC & hold line slightly above level & up hill from MC so bubble can move/float up & out WC when bleeding.You will need extra body to help, & also IMPORTANT !!! place a piece of metal in between pad pucks of WC (approx thickness of rotor) so you dont blow pistons out. Be safe, wear eye protection( & for your helper) Hope this makes sense.

There is an issue with priming the MC.....I can force brake fluid from the nipple up through the line when it is disconnected from the MC.

I can not pump through the MC and it will not gravity drain through the MC with or without the line below it.

How can I get the MC primed and moving brake fluid..............????


Just pulled the MC and confirmed that it has crapped out. When I released that pressure, a piece of rubber, must be the inner seal, got forced into the opening to the brake line. Now I need to pull it apart and do the rebuild......

Sux to have to work on parts I don't know enough about.......


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