Just a quick question about subframes

Mine needs to be replaced. I didnt wreck it but the guy that owned it before me did and it bent the muffler mount just enough for it to be a problem. Can I use a subframe off an '02 YZ250F? The part numbers are very similar.

'02 YZ250F 5SF-21190-00-00

'03 YZ450F - 5TA-21190-00-00

Thanks for the help!

Actually, the part numbers are entirely different. Yamaha uses a part numbering scheme similar to Ford's, in which a basic number is assigned to all of one kind of part. For instance, all crankshafts are 11400's, all oil filters are 13440's, and all rear sub frames are 21190's. The 3 character prefix tells you what bike the part was originally issued for, although it may not be the only thing it fits, and 5TA indicates a 2003 YZ450. These numbers are assigned in a sequence, and contain no code you could decipher. Most parts specific to the early YZ250F were 5NL-**.

The two sets of 0's at the end are used to designate alternate sizes and revisions to parts.

Long story short, the '02 won't fit, but any of them from an '03-'05 450 or 250F will. (5TA or 5XD-21190-00-00)

Thank you!

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