Sheared subframe bolt

At the track today on my '04 450F cruising merrily across a double jump when I heard a loud POP. Didn't notice anything immediately, but when I pulled into the pits I discovered the subframe bolt just above the shock reservoir had sheared off. The head is completely gone and i can only see a bit of the bolt itself.

This happen to anyone else? What (besides taking it in to the dealer and having it drilled out) can I do?

If you can remove the other side and very carefully pull the tube that is held by the broken bolt straight off the bolt and to the side you should be able to grab the broken bolt with vise grips and remove it....

I'll give it a shot - Thanks!

I broke mine, but it was after it took a hard hit on the back of the seat area. It was a pain to get out. I had to buy a new subframe and all but thats cause mine was bent.

The head of a bolt on my subframe sheared off as well. It wasnt in the same location, it was the one bolt that holds up the muffler. So not only do I get to buy a new subframe, I get to buy a new exhaust system too. Yay!

Something else you might want to try:

Apply a good, effective penetrating oil (WD-40 is pretty useless) Drill into the threaded end of the bolt (it should be exposed on the right side of the bike) with a 1/16 or 3/32 drill about 1/4" or so down into the bolt. If the drilling has not started to unscrew the bolt already, take the largest, sharpest drill you have that is still small enough to clear the threads in the frame, apply a little heat to the threaded eye in the sub frame if you have the ability to do so (even leaving it out in the sun for an hour is better than nothing) and then run the larger drill into the smaller hole you drilled earlier. Try to make the drill snag, and when it does, it will try to run the bolt out the opposite side.

In my experiance PB Blaster works really really well. You have to soak it and give it a few hours to do its job but after that you can get it out no problem.

It even helped me get out the swingarm pivot axle (dunno if thats the right thing to call it) when it was bone dry and probably had not been moved in 2+ years.

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