help with ktm 250

My 2000 250 mxc specs out with a fly wheel weight (oz's?) I am pondering a wr 426 thinking I will maintain the power and acceleration (I enjoy not losing straight line sprints) and It will mx and trail ride. But my ktm does all this well, but it doesnt hook up at low speeds in places where there is no trail. I occasionally want it to behave like an xr 400 but on tough hills and rocks a little throotle gets me tire spin and trouble. Love the speed and thrills but I enjoy more and more trail crawling where there is no beaten path. I want both out of a bike,and before I get seriuos about the wr I want advice on changes to my ktm to achieve my compromise of rippin fun balanced with a low speed crawl over rocks and into the bushes. I am wondering about gearing /sprocket changes and or changing the flywheel weight. Please dont say go try the bikes,as in our small market (and I choose to shop local) they dont have a big selection and no demo tracks , thanks for your help and give me your experience as I think others in this forum have met this same problem

my mates either rode katoom 250's or WR's here in england. they leave the ktm's untouched except the bars.

two have now gone to 520's & love them.

two others can't stand fourstrokes & went the other way & bought the 200's. love 'em too!

the wr is a lovely bike, but it is top heavy which makes it hard to handle or flic when RACING. if you've tried 4s power before you'll love the bike. if yo're a shorty though you might not.

when the suspension is set up properly you can hardly touch the ground, this then, in itself becomes a major bind.

get the wr it does everything you've mentioned-very well indeed.


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