hey kev, a while back i mentioned my purchase of the wrong throttle stop for my 98 wr400 (didn't fit).. you then said something about a way to fix it... but never told me what it was... i would like to have full confidence in the bike to go WFO this year so i can get serious about racing, and was wondering if you would mind posting how you solved the missing throttle stop problem...



kevin? help! :D

i might be interesteed in the sprocket deal... just let me take a look at mine tonite when i go home... what kinda deal are we talking about here?

>please post about that TS, i need to know how to fix it! :)

Dude....A friend of mine over cut his 99 TS when he first bought it. It was pretty ease you fix. I removed my carb and went down to the local Home Depot. I found a speciality bolt 2.5 or 3mm about 15mm long. I inserted the bolt from the bottom to the top and put a lock nut on each side of the mount on the carb, once adjusted to spec I put a little thread locker around the lock nuts and forgot about it. No problems with it in two years.

Cost about $1.50 to fix.

Bonzai :)

Mr. Racer,

I THINK this is the fix.

I purchased [and this is the "I think" part] an M4 0.7 x 20 mm cap screw.

I DO NOT know the overall length I cut it to. My bike is growing dust in the basement due to neglect, and the carb is still intact.

Remove the carb to spin off the limit screw. By trial and error, opening the throttle linkage, trim bit by bit off. I STILL don't know about the TPS getting screwed up if the screw is too short.

Hope this helps

thanks kevin... that's exactly what i needed...


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