tire pressure questions

i have been trying to experment with my tire pressure all of my freinds run low pressure or at least some what soft to the touch and they all ways tell me to run lower pressure in my tires

i usually run about 15 psi and they are still rock hard

in the book it says to run about 12 -17 psi

what do you guys run on your tires whats the lowest psi you ride on and does it make your bike handle better or does or does it make it slower

any input helps

12 psi in front and 14 psi in back. When I first got my bike(used) I was having some cornering issues. Someone recommened 12/14 to me to help with the front tire push and I have used that it since.

12psi for the front 10-12psi for the rear.

10-12 here too. I've run them at a lower PSI, but make sure you have heavy duty tubes...its a long walk home with a pinch flat.

There's a really good write up on this particular subject in the April MXA.

Basically, if it's too hard, the tire will bounce and skip around too much, and if it's too soft, you can actually loose traction from block rollover. On rougher, harder ground, you can cause "pinch flats" by running too little air, too. Read the article if you can find it, and experiment a little.

13 Front 14 Rear

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