Bozeman TT riders pizza night

I would like to set up a Bozeman TT pizza and beer night! We could put some faces to names and get a Montana TT ride set up. When is a good time for you guys? Any time after 4-3-07(Tues) is good for me. Bring family non-TT members too. Post some time and suggestions.:bonk:

I would be interested in making the 2 hour drive up there to meet some more of you guys. I have met Nevakee and JoeDizzle and they are really cool guys, and great riders too. I also may be interested in hitting up Pipestone in the very near future as we have so much moisture down here we will not be riding around here for quite awhile. Keep us posted, Thanks, BnB.

IT'S BEEN SNOWING ALL DAY HERE! I will be up for a pipestone ride this weekend weather permitting. Lets try and do it Friday. Say @ Colombo's friday 7or 8 pm-ish? We can ride on Sat.! or Saturday night after a ride? B&B thumper thats a haul for dinner!

Both my wife's mother and mine are coming in this weekend so riding this weekend is probably out for me. They are traveling down on Friday though and we at MSU have that day off so I'm planning on heading over to Pipestone that day. I hope more can make it but I should be able to pop for the pizza and beer that night after the ride.

Let me know if anyone can go, I've got room on my trailer.


So, we are at friday night Pizza and Beer? (after Dizzles ride) I will have to work friday. I can't ride. I really need to do some maintenance on my bike still. If not friday let's postpone till next week. Maybe during the weekday. Thumbs up for Friday?

I can make Friday. I just spoke to another cat here on campus, no pun intended. He was talking to somone about getting a bike so he could have someone to ride with. I promptly chirped up, "give me a call anytime!" His name is Luke and has a Husky 125. I got his phone # and I'll be giving him a buzz before the meet.

If this Fri. is a No-Go, that ok. I'll be ready any time. It would be good to work in a riding event for BnB T. if possible so he doesn't have to make the trip just for the suds and pie. (I got you coverd T.)

Anyway, its riding time. This snow will be burned off the valley by Thursday!


Joe dizzle I agree lets not make B&Bthumper drive just for just suds and pie. Maybe we should wait till next weekend 13th and 14th.

That sounds good. I'll be in Great Falls though for my favorite Uncle. The 21, 22 & 23 would work for me but dont let that slow you guys down if you can rock it the weekend of the 13~15. Lord knows it wouldn't be the first thing I missed out on since I took the oath! I think we should get together before that though anyway. Even if its for lunch or somthing. I'm pretty sure Nevakee would be in as well.

Also, if you need a hand on your machine let me know. Or let me know when you are planning on wrenching on it. I was thinking about checking my valve clearance somtime soon.


I am in just let me know when and where, If it doesn't work for me no big deal we can maybe meet up more than once. Wed and Fri work good for me. Keep me posted on what you decide and I will try to make it.

Keep me in the loop...

I talked to another friend, he wants to go Friday. Friday night at Colombo's 7:30. Hopefully it won't be that busy and we can sit in the backroom. I should call and see if they will be open! It is good friday afterall.

Is anyone riding on Saturday? I was talking to the wife about maybe coming over to Bozeman and getting a motel. I was thinking her and the kids could swim and shop while I rode on Sat. That way we could come over Friday nite, get a little fatter with some suds and pizza, then I could ride Saturday. If it doesnt work this week, with Easter and all, maybe it could work out real soon. I dont mind a little travel to ride some sweet trails and hang with cool people. :bonk: Plus, I am not gonna be riding around here anytime soon. :D:naughty::bonk::p

Friday at 7:30pm, I'm locked in.

I can't do a Saturday ride. If it wasn't Easter I'd be all over it BnB, sorry man. Hey, lay off Friday and roll up for a Good Friday rip! Getting right with JC while riding a freedom machine sounds pretty holy to me!


I'm in for whenever. Coincidentally, Im drinking beer and eating pizza @ Columbos all the time so you guys will probably run into me regardless....keep me posted. Any significant others that ride? I'm bringing mine along and Im starting to wonder if she'll be the only "thumpette".....not that she gives a flip.

I plan on riding Saturday(depending on weather)I have a weeping fork seal to deal with before then. Colombos is open!

COLOMBO'S TONIGHT @ 7:30 Look for my avatar on my head!

How is the weather? Is Pipestone ridable tomorrow? I got a buddy that may want to buzz over there tomorrow.

Cold, Cloudy and damp! I have not gotten to my wrenching list. (Fork seal, Tires, Grease linkage, oil and air filter, some graphics, and some work on a friends bike) Sunday is supposed to be 60 degrees. I will probably wrench tomarrow and ride Sunday.:bonk:

Cold, Cloudy and damp! I have not gotten to my wrenching list. (Fork seal, Tires, Grease linkage, oil and air filter, some graphics, and some work on a friends bike) Sunday is supposed to be 60 degrees. I will probably wrench tomarrow and ride Sunday.:bonk:

Sunday is out for me. Its Easter. Has it been snowing there, or do you think its ridable. I wonder if Aaron went today? If so, JD, give me a shout.

it's been snowing and raining this week. It's cold now(32 degrees @12:00 noon)) I think it's supposed to be the same tomarrow. It's an iffy call. I've ridden in the rain out there and the ground drains in some places really well.

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