where to buy 98 FCR carb parts ?

I know I can go to the dealer, but try to avoid it.

I need a float valve and AP diaghram for my ol' friend 98 WR. The TT online store only shows year 2000 and newer, same with Sudco.

Does anyone know if the FCR carbs are close enough so that I can order 2000 parts ? If not, what online resource will have part #'s and ability to order the older model parts.

After many iterations of jetting this thing is dialed to perfection, and no cracked slide to date so I'm not looking for a replacement carb.


I would actually call sudco. they might have stuff that's not listed in their catalog, and they will know if something will work on another year.

Bike bandit will get you an OEM parts fiche, oem.thumpertalk.com will get you oem parts. Sudco will more than likely be able to get you anything else :bonk:

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