Euro Speedo for UK WR

Does anyone in the UK know what the part number for a European WR Original speedo is? or even who can get or sell one as I am trying to get a decent road legal WR 400, for trail/enduro/and road.

Hi, all you need to do is call edmondson racing (paul edmondsons older brother)and ask if they will sell you an original WR speedo !!!

Situated between Brownhills and Cannock.

Tel : 01543 450150

I got mine from ARD, in Walsal Wood, they only come in KPH though.

Many thanks guys, I called and got one off the shelf at ARD in Walsall Woods. Cheaply priced at two thirds the cost of the present trip meter. Thanks all, and throttle to the stop !!!

How much was the speedo, Kev?

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