what are the most common ways everyone uses to "uncorck" their XR? I am surprised that their isnt a sticky thread right at the begging covering this, we need a uncorking bible. If their is one please let me know, if not lets get one together. I know their are a lot of tricks, I think it would benefit everyone to put them in one place.

What bike? I'll guess the XR600 since that is what your other post is about. What year. Is it a single carb model?

The intake snorkle must go. I bet yours is already long gone. It's a plastic piece that goes into the air inlet hole on top of the airbox. It cuts the area down by half. This is the first "cork."

The stock pipe has a baffle with a tiny hole out the back. That's the other "cork." Either replace it with an aftermarket baffle or replace the the pipe completely.

Same for the air filter. Get an aftermarket Uni or Twin Air.

The bike comes on the lean side from Honda and now it will be even leaner. Jet up a little and it will start better and give more power.

Now you will be uncorked. There is a good chance that all these things have already been done.

Don't expect your bike to be like a CRF450. That is not what it is.

There are a few other things to really look out for. The choke plate flapper has been know to break off. Do a search on "choke plate" in this forum.

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