Stage 2 hotcam

Well guys i installed my hotcam on the weekend and i am super impressed with the results. I got one question though....the valves are ticking now .....they are adjusted to spec....but their ticking ....I had the same problem with my rubicon and it still does it ... but ive put 5000 klm on it since i installed it and she still ticks away but has lost no power.....runs great.

Now the XR650R is doin the same thing and im wondering why after a hotcam is installed they tick??? Maybe i should put stonger valve springs???

Congrats on the cam, mine also ticked and it was due to the cam breaking in after the 1st adj, re-adjusted and they quit. I think there is some kind of coating on it when u 1st get it and it wears off during break in leading to increased air gap at the rocker. Try re-adjusting them. Mine will tick when I shut it down after a ride and re-start 15-20 min later but quiets up after it fully warms up again. Re-read ur line "theyre adjusted to spec" so what I just wrote wont help sorry.


Mine ticks too with a stage 1 cam. I adjusted it a few times. The ticking goes away when I get above 3000 rpm.

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