What are the top 5 mods to get for a yz426f

I have a 2001 yz426f and I whanted to know what would be the 5 top mods to get for my bike .

The single best mod is to install an auto-decompression cam and get rid of the compression release lever. There are about a million threads/posts regarding that mod...just do a search and/or look up in the 'sticky" at the top of the page.

BK Mod / GB Mod. Quiet exhaust. Pro taper bars. Setup the suspension for yourself than ride the heck out of it!

1. Rekluse Auto-clutch

2. Decompression Cam (I use Hot Cams)

3. Adjustable triple clamp (a must have for anybody over 6')

4. Suspension Revalve (unreal difference!)

5. Non floating front rotor (personal preference)

Thats just the top five, I could probably list 20 mods that help the 426.

In my opinion, the money you spend on mods could very well go to the bank for a new bike. You would be better served with a 06-07 instead of trying to revalve suspension and put a pipe on it. The 06 is WORLDS different than the 01 426. My friend has one he just sold for a new KX-F. Try putting a black and orange sign on the front and just ride it, people will take notice. Put the money your going to use for mods into a new or newer bike, you can pick up a leftover 06 cheap. I know some places that have left over 05's.

Here's my top five. Most of them won't break the bank.

1. Decomp cam - this one's a no brainer

2. BK Carb Mod - eliminates "Yamabog" and its free

3. Suspension Revalve

4. Rekluse Clutch (if your an offroad guy)

5. Dr. D Hot Start Lever

I have a 2001 yz426f and I whanted to know what would be the 5 top mods to get for my bike .

How much do you have to spend? We might be able to help you out a little better knowing that.

$100 lol not a lot but thats all i got

Only have 100 bucks, then I say start saving your pennies and do the cam mod first! Cheapest route is the 03 stocker. I used the Hotcam just to get the timing marks, but it'll cost ya 'bout $30 bucks more.

I have to agree. I would save up and do the auto-decompression cam first. Unless you have a real easy time starting your bike. I know most of those 426's can be a little bit frustrating to start, especially after a lay over or when they are overly hot.

the only time have trouble starting my bike is when its cold

I would seriously consider either just riding it, or save your mod money.....save a little more.....and get a killer deal on a left over 06 that at this point they are giving away.

Hmm,i have a 02 426 that has a few mods,

ie: 03 cam

bk mod

jd jet kit

fmf powerbomb + Q pipe

RG3 top clamp

reworked suspension

different wheels etc.

And i really like that bike

But i like my 05 YZ 250 BETTER.

And it's nearly standard.

Might pay you to just ride it standard,while you save for a newer bike,as others have said.

You will still enjoy it.

I rather just mod my bike out becuase i like better than any bike out there thanks for the advice though.

my fifth gear went out any sug.

my fifth gear went out any sug.

Well yes. I see you're new, so don't take offense at this, but this post should have been placed in it's own thread, a more pertinent thread, or at least one that was less than 4 years old.

As far as your trans goes, the only fix is to split the cases and repair it. You'll need the 3rd and 5th main shaft gears and the shift fork that sits o the 3rd gear at a minimum. Don't ride it that way, as the engine and trans share the same oil.

personaly I have 3 bikes. the 426f is my favorite. I have put on a fmf power bomb pipe and header. Twin air intake, hot cams w/ auto decompression, Aftermarket shifter and clutch and the boysen quick start. Yea I agree with the others about the decompression hot cams. That would be number one. I would also recommend the tusk pegs and MSR shifter also, very nice. Jeremy McGrath once said that the 426f was one of the best build bike. I think it was Jeremy.

Depending upon where you ride, I would add a sidestand to the list of best mods. I have found mine to be invaluable at times.

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