ATTENTION Georgia Gang...

Sunday...Sunday...Sunday.... FEB 3rd, 10:30am ...ROCKY CREEK....BARNESVILLE GA...POKER RUN....This is a Statewide Call for our annual pre-season get together. Time to get off the couch and onto the 22 mile loop.

Weather Info:

NOTE: Charges have changed since the last time many of your were there. UP from $10.00 per bike +$1.00 per rider to $15.00 per bike and no Rider Fee.

Bonzai :)

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This seems to be a re-occuring excuse with you lately.. :)

One thing is for certain...Ol Blue won't give you the gift that keeps on giving......

Oh Well....Whenever you get tired of being guess the word Gigolo, would be appropriate here....We'll still be here.....

Don't forget your rain gear......

Bonzai :D

Funny, I was going to post something about Barnesville Sunday also. I'll be there unless the ground is frozen. I don't care how muddy it is, I'M GOING RIDING!!! I'm tempted to go get a new rear tire. Nope, I'm not tempted, I'm going to!

I have a lot of guys who "may" show up. I might come alone and I might have a caravan of about 10 trucks behind me.

Dave, you need to come. Lane got Dr's orders today from the ortho- no more motocross. He's gearing up for woods riding and wants to make Barnesville also. Besides, Hilton Head is sooooo far away.

MXTuner: I agree with you. Barnesville is the $#!&&! But there is a problem I have to take care of! since Carrie, my mx/woods riding wife left me for horse boy - Baldy/ know where I am coming from. I even talked to Lane tonight & he agreed with me ---- Barnesville is every mo. or trim is not! I have found that in the 40yrs of my sometimes sorry @$$ life you only get one or a few chances to meet "that someone special" situation. This may be one of those times, although it maybe not. If I do not go, I would have never known. If I go & it is beat then I will wish I was with you all & join you the next loss. I hope you/ the gang understand & respect my maybe F&^%!!up decision....I really want to be there & might be there by some higher power, but at this point ---- I'm trimming! Who knows maybe another dirtriding mate will be by my side. ---- sorry to waste TT time with this rash of bs....By the way Lane is ready to become a woods rider & is ready for you to lower his 426 to suit his height - plan on seeing me weds - for bk mod/DRD hot start for WR/need new front tube for YZF front tire fix. I will bring front tire/wheel.

I have very bad news, I just got a booty call to go to Hilton Head, this weekend w/ some friends that have the beach house, that want me to meet their friend.......decisions decisions..........what to do??????

New Trim or dirtbike riding??????? What would any of you do???

Oh Man.....Stop it...Stop It .....

"you only get one or a few chances to meet "that someone special" situation."

I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt....Now that's Funny......You have so many notches on your post in the last few months I'm surprised you havn't opened a toothpick factory with all the shavings.......

Sorry Guys....I cannot go riding next weekend I have found my life's calling.....I'm a love machine.... Damn that's Funny......

David...Call Me......

I can't stop laughing......I needed that this morning.......Thanks....

Bonzai :)

Man I was under the influence as I typed that last night.......anyway, I will probably be here as it looks like plans may have changed! Keep you posted.....

Sorry to hear your plans changed. But that means I'll have someone to chase Sunday. I won't put out but at least I'll try to be *some* fun. I think we may be meeting at 400 and Holcomb Bridge for breakfast. Ready to pull onto the highway about 8:30 or 9:00.

There may be a decent sized crowd going down.

In case any of you guys want to race a totally kick-ass Hare Scrambles, the FTR's annual Gatorback race is next month! Incorporates the former AMA National motocross track with some awesome woods sections! It's in Gainsville, so it's not too far from GA.

Mark, do you want to ride down together.

David, maybe so. I may have another friend of mine who lives down the road riding with me. He just bought a YZ 250F and is ready to go play. This isn't for sure so I'll let you know before then. If he isn't, we can split the gas.

Jam, thanks but I'm not fast enough for long enough. Too much work for not enough fun. Thanks anyways. I *do* like Gatorback, though!

Looks like there may be a big crowd.

Nice weather + cabin fever = large turnout.

I'm Bringing 4 with me.....

Bonzai :)

Hey guys:

Where can I get directions/info? I've heard this place is between Newnan and Macon?

Does it really start at 10:30? - trying to be back at kid's soccer game in late afternoon.

Look forward to meeting some of you.


We Will be parking in our normal spot on the hill under the big oak trees overlooking the left end of the lake.

For those who haven't beed with us before, go through the pay booth then down the drive and through the fence opening toward the lake...Stay to the left and go to the top of the hill. My Race White Trailer with the THOR logo on the side will be on the hill.

I'm thinking of camping there Sat Night, But we'll move to the hill in the morning if we do....

Bonzai :)

Thanks guys! Will try to see you all there.Might be following Mark from the Waffle House. Look forward to meeting you all.

By the way, what do you think this sounds like to all the rest of the TT'rs all over the US.

A day of dirtbiking in Ga: "Well, we meet at the Waffle House, 3 eggs, a waffle, and hash browns smothered. Then we go meet at the trail - Today's big event - a mud bog. Hot dang! Y'all bringing your dogs?"

See you there!


(A Georgia Native)

Now Mike, lets be sure to get the facts straight.

The mod bog will have timed runs. Helmets optional.

Don't 'cha just love ATV riders?

Hey Ga426owner:

We may want to go down to Gatorback (the guy posted earlier). Heard it's a great course and sound like with your other hobby(Hilton Head) , you wouldn't mind Gainesville - Great scenery down there. I could be a forward scout, that's as far as I can participate.


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