ATTENTION Georgia Gang...

MikeM, the offer is real must have scouted there previously. Lets talk Sunday

Bill the weather says 56 degrees! Perfect DirtBike riding temp....

Spoke with RSK this morning...He's going....Clint is out, But Rob wants to go. Also called Shane and Mark "Owners of Medows Moto" Shane might be in, Mark's got to run the track. Bob and Robert Herrington are also In....Plus I'm bringing Brian with me. Was going to camp out there tonight byt 32 degree's tonight does not interest me. Might go to Medows Moto this evening and get a little jumping in.....See You all tomorrow morning.

Bonzai :)

Thanks to all that went on our Rocky Creek ride today....The 4 Wheelers provided much entertainment with the Red-Neck bunch being hauled away in ambulances, Fire Trucks and we even had an Air Show with the not so smart helmetless 4 wheeler rider that crashed and burned on the big jump.

Out of the 14 people that rode with us we had NO Injuries....Just alot of hard and fast roostin.

NEXT SATURDAY: Dallas GA. RSK's Back Yard Ride. Details and directions to be posted later in the week.

MikeM...Great to meet you..we look forward to doing it again soon...

Bonzai :)

Bill, I see you must have made it home. Did you ever find yours keys or did your wife have to rescue you? I guess next time you will leave your car keys at the parking spot.......

Good to meet all of you. Thanks for including me and my gang. Hope to do it again sometime.

What a place! That was a lot of fun, once past the other "user group" that I've grown to have a dislike for. If we keep riding there, I'm pulling out my old heavy bag and boxing gloves, and putting a little practice in before we go! David, it would have been a funny fight - us in all our gear and the opponent with no helmet etc. I wonder if he was on Crystal Meth?

Yamakazi and David, email me privately with your name and email address. I will put you on our list.


Good meeting you also, Mike. Yeah, the *natives* were a bit restless. At least they thinned out a lot after the first lap.

Man, I am sore as hell today. I haven't ridden that hard in a long time. Next time, I'm gonna take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Hey Bill, We could *all* get keys made for your trailer. That way, unless we all got lost on the way back to the truck, you could get into your trailer.

I crack me up.

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