Silly Question, but still need help

How do you fine fellows remove an orv sticker from plastic? I put mine on my license plate holder and I of course had to try removing it before I put this years sticker on and ended up with a sticker that wants to come off in little pieces. Heat gun or goo gone or what?:bonk:

Are you trying to remove it to re-use it, or just take it off?

If you just want to take it off, I've used a razor blade in the past, and just go carefully. Heat will help, but the razor is the way to go. Just be carefull when you do it, as its not hard to cut into the plastic.

I highly doubt you'd be able to re-use it once you got it off, cause usually it comes off in pieces...

I just want to remove it, don't care about saving the sticker for future use. I think I want to stay away from using sharp objects as I'm sure I'll get into the plastic.

Use a hair dryer to soften the sticker and scrape it off with something plastic, a plastic spatula or a body putty applicator works good and will not scratch. Use mineral spirits or WD-40 to remove the remaining glue.

Thanks for the help that's exactly what I ended up doing. Used goo gone to remove stickum. I just thought I'd ask the question to see if anyone knew of a super secret easy way of removing the sticker. There's alot of people on here with a lot of experience with stuff like this. Thanks again!:bonk:

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