Green sticker

does the WRs come with a green sticker or the red sticker for CA.Does it really matter what sticker is on the bike?I want to be able to ride out at Gorman,El mirage,etc with out a problem.I havent rode dirt bikes for about 10years and am looking to get back into it so any info at all would help.


From what I have been told from friends and also all the forms i had to sign when i bought mine saying i am aware this is a red sticker bike it is my belief that it is red sticker only. although i have heard of some getting issued green stickers.As for me, im still waiting for my sticker. I ride at el mirage and gorman on a regular basis but red stickers are only allowed to ride there during the winter months. check out the BLM web site for restrictions.

02 wr426 throttle stop mod, exhaust uncorked,airbox cover gone, jetting changed(see-ya xr's)

what is the web address for the BLM

what is the web address for the BLM

when i got my 01 wr 426 i was told red sticker only. but the dmv gave me a green sticker. luck of the draw i guess :)


dmv people are retarded. in northern cal, lots of dmv's still give green stickers to 2 stroke mx bikes. mach 1 uses that as a selling inspiration.


If the 8th digit of your VIN is a "c" or a "3" technically you are getting a red sticker.

I, too, have a green sticker for my 01 WR and my sons 01KX85.


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