Clutch failure question

I've had two "99" 400's now that the rear clutch disc has broke apart on. Is this a common problem for this bike (is for me) or is it a factory clutch disc thing.....Do after market clutches do this also? Thanks

Well, anyone else had this problem?......Is it just factory clutches or do the aftermarkets do it also?

I've never heard any common problems with the clutches. Maybe faulty installation? :bonk:

:naughty: How can you go wrong puting in clutch plates? On one bike I took the plates & steels out, looked at them and put them right back in the same way they came out. This was about 8 mths ago. The other bike was given to me & the bottom clutch disc was like that when I tore it down. I'm pretty sure both clutch sets were factory.:bonk:

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