Mild to wild - uncorked XR650R

Yeah this thing runs like a scared cat! I have been out a lot lately since the weather is great. I can't believe the power this thing has. It pulls good on the road, but when you hit the dirt the power seems more noticeable. This bike has almost gotten away on me a couple times on the trails!! The rear tire hooked up solid when I was expecting it to spin and the front lifted like a rocket ship and I barely hung on! It sure cruises nice over fast trails as well.

All in all very nice machine and I am pretty happy I got this monster.

Now I just need to tune the CRF150F so it runs a little better....

Happy for you Chopp! :applause: Nothing like riding a wild pig! :excuseme:

So it is killing me to see the performance difference.

Be careful it might

I uncorked and it felt like 50% more power

It spit me off going through the woops and now I am sitting here with broken ribs.

but I did get back on to try my new Motard wheels

I think I will ride the street until I get a better feel for the PIG

This is why the most important mod to do is suspension; once you uncork!


Yes, that is a XR650R jumping a 55' table top, yours should be able to do that as well.

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