XR600-650L header differences?

OK, I'm new to this whole XR thing. I know the XR600R and the XR650L use the same basic engine. I also know nobody makes a full system or header for the L, but you can find headers for the 600R falling out of trees. Anybody know a good reason I can't use the headpipe for an XR600R on my '93 XR650L?

Nope- they reportedly fit just fine.


I had to modify my Yoshi header to clear the frame drain plug on the L. Other than that, the system bolted right up.


XRs only advertises one that will fit the L and I have one. Its probly the same for the 600r as well. Oh and its a nice pipe good quality compared to some of them I've seen out there. Watch out what you buy.

i have the FMF powerbomb header and powercore4 can. Fit like a dream. I don't remember a single fitment issue.

hth - gl!


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