Grip Heaters??

Anyone running grip heaters on their 2 stroke??

Yes! Well, actually no at the moment. I just took them off because I think spring has sprung.

I have them on my 300 mxc and I love them. When you get old,your hands get cold! They work great and now my friends are getting some. :bonk:

I just took mine off too but they were magic all winter up here in BC. I would strongly suggest you get a pair. Cold hands suck almost as much as bulky winter gloves that ruin your control.

I have them on my 4 stroke and will be installing them on my 2 stroke this winter. Toasty paws are the way to go for colder temps. I'm not fond of thick gloves while riding, so I prefer the grip heaters.

How do they wire up? Can you wire them in directly or do you have to use a resistor or do anything special? What brand are you guys using?? I'm definately interested.

Assuming you have a bike with a lighting coil, you can just hook them into the the same wire that powers the lights.

Get the ones from as they do not have the big resistor and you don't have to put layers and layers of insulation on the clutch side.

I leave mine on all year. I would not own a bike without them.

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