New WR426

I picked up my new WR426 Friday. (Also, my son's new TTR-125L). My dealer sent in the paperwork for the bike to be street legal. Hopefully this week I can put on the Eline multisport kit and get the necessary inspection done. I'll post some pictures once the kit is on.

Tomorrow I'm ordering the YZ throttle stop and maybe a few extra goodies. :)

I think I may have to adjust the back shock to give me a little more sag. And move the forks up a little. Sometimes balancing the bike when stopped is a pain.

As far as starting, the bike will start easy when warmed up. The first start in the morning takes a few tries, but nothing too rough.


On to the mods soon.

How did you get it street legal?I am in CA and am interested in the WR but I didnt know you could get them street legal.

The titles here in W.Va. have off-road use only printed on them. To get a plate, the dealer had to complete a certificate of inspection to change the title for street use. From what he told me the certificate will also flag the state to send a real registration and a plate.

To get the switch over was $15 but the Eline kit was $500. :)


I guess I am lucky. Here in Colorado it seems all you have to have is a Headlight, Taillight and Horn to make it Street Legal. I am working the issue now. The bike already had plates on it when I bought it. I am just trying to get ahold of the old owner so I can transfer the plate to my name. Apparently he is a pilot of some sort that works in Alaska every other month.

I have been out in Ft Irwin for training. Looks like great riding around there. I wouldn't mind getting stationed there next. I sometimes wish the Army would give us Scouts some bikes to use instead of this Big @$$ Bradley. Launching a Brad can be real fun though, as long as you don't break anything (bone or track).

Dan :)

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