02 WR426 to 07 WR 450


My 02 has been a reliable ride, BUT is could be THAT time. I am soliciting comments from anyone that has gone from a 426 to the 07 450. Is the difference really THAT huge?

I would really welcome that Magic button as well. One thing the Dirtrider article said was the WR had less ground clearance. Is that posing a problem for anyone?



I bet the difference is far greater than you would expect.

Last year I sold my '01 WR426, as I scored a killer deal on a practically new '04 WR450.

I couldn't believe I was selling my '01 - this was the most reliable and trustworthy bike I had EVER owned, bar none. I felt like a traitor. Then I went and rode the 450 a couple of times. The '01 was forgotten at about the third turn.

My new bike is WAY more powerful, feels WAY lighter, is WAY quieter, WAY easier to work on (I can change the oil and air filter in literally half the time on the '04), and has electric start to boot!

I could not believe how much difference there was between these bikes.

If I had had any idea how much better the new bikes were, I would have made the switch a long time ago. Remember, I'm talking about an '01 vs. an '04 here. The 07s have to be a heck of a lot better.

I just did this swap and was hoping that the '07 would be at least as good as the '02. As far as reliability goes I can't say yet , but am sure Yamaha quality will pull that issue through. As far as riding goes, I haven't been to my regular single track trails in the mountains yet ( heavy snow still) , but on the local MX track this thing is much better in the turns and alot lighter feeling than the old '02. So I guess I'm saying this is a good upgrade to go for. The bike is more difficult to work on though , but once you do it a few times it will become second nature. Go for it. :bonk: WR Dave

I just upgraded my '02 426 to an '07 WR 450. The handling and electric start pushed me over the edge. The '07 feels so much lighter - almost like a smaller bike compared to the 426.

Mine is still stock - will make the AIS, pipe and rejet mods after break-in, so it is not yet as fast as my 426 which has the pipe and rejetted carb.

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