2007 YZ450 Oil Change Issue

I recently purchased a new 2007 YZ450 and when I changed the oil, I could only get about half a quart to drain out. I checked the oil level before I drained it and it was OK. I followed the directions in the manual and it said it should hold a quart. I added back the same amount I got out and the level is OK

Is this a common issue with others out there? Is there a trick to get all the oil out? I tried leaning the bike both directions and also kicking it over a couple times.



idnt kno about the yamaha..but on my kxf.since the same oil is used for both the engine and tranny...there is a engine oil sump screw and a transmission sump screw..(drain plugs)...also make sure to unscrew the timing plugs and oil filler plug...someone here on TT said it allows all the oil to drain fully

Are you leaning the bike to the correct side?

Review the drain procedure in the manual carefully. The engine is a dry sump system, and has an oil tank built into the front of the crankcases. The left drain bolt drains the tank, the right drain bolt drains the crankcase.

When the engine has just been run within the last 15 minutes, 90% of the oil will be in the tank, and the rest will be in the oil filter well and the crankcase. If it has sat for a week, more than half of the oil may have migrated to the crankcase. If you don't drain both, you won't get it all out.

The answer is:

You have to unscrew the dip stick.

I found out when i pulled the bolt out of the left side (shifter side) that oil did not drain, then i unscrewed the dip stick and then it shot out.


Ah, yes, there is that, too. :bonk:

remove filler cap, filter cover, oil tank drain bolt, crankcase oil bolt, and on the oil tank also remove the oil hose, and the oil strainer..

...and on the tank also remove the oil hose, and the oil strainer..
How do you propose to do that on an '06/'07?
How do you propose to do that on an '06/'07?

in the service manual it says


1. oil tank plug

2. oil filler cap

3. drain bolt on the side

4. oil filter drain bolt

5. drain bolt on the bottom

my original post was for the yz250f :bonk::naughty:

my original post was for the yz250f :bonk::naughty:

Yeah, there's no external line, nor any feed strainer on the new 450.

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