parts compatibility software?

Ok here's a good question!I think...

Basically i was wondering if there is any software or web site that shows compatibility of parts?I mean xrr parts that xrl's 600's 650's so on and so forth.I see alot of questions in regaurds to this and just thought to ask if such a thing exists.

Hope it does!I need it myself

Good question! I was also wondering the same thing! Maybe we can get a list of parts that cross over with minor or no mods at all?

You can go to and look up PNs and compare them.

That, and aftermarket catalogs where the same manu PN is referenced.


I like to use the Service Honda system for checking the parts. It gives the actual Honda part numbers. However, it is not that useful. Honda changes part numbers all the time even though the parts are interchangable.

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