Anybody runnin .48 fork springs?

I tried to order some of these based on race tech reccomendation, my dealer kept trying to talk me out of it. He was saying that those are way too stiff and it would make my bike unridable. he said the reason I bottom out all the time is because I still have two stroke riding habits. I think this guy doesnt know what the hell hes talkin about.

What is your weight? Racetech says I should have 50's, I run 46's in my YZ and they are great(I don't remember preload amount). I run maxima 165/150 oil at 90mm. Iweigh 300lbs and have never bottomed the front, but I don't MX. Desert only. I bought the bike from a guy that weighs 200 rtr and he thought it was too stiff.

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I weigh 240 and ride mostly mx, but alot of trails too. I usually mx one day and trail ride the other every weekend.

My buddy has .47's ('00 YZ426), he weighs about 220. For me at 195lbs, they are extremely stiff. He thinks they are stiff, too, but likes stiff suspension. The guy only rides maybe an hour at best in a day, I'm out there 4-6 hours (trail 75%, MX25%). I'm ready to get back off his bike the moment I start off, it's so stiff!

Yet, he still bottoms the suspension, sometimes quite hard. I have .46's w/ Mx-tech revalve. He cannot bottom mine no matter hard he tries,but I can tell by the fork wiper he's getting close.

It's the valving that is the big difference!

Try raising your oil height by around 5mm and try it again (cheap fix). If it doesn't work, consider asking a reputable suspension shop for help. I recommend MX-Tech if you're unsure what shop to use.

I can trail ride all day in comfort, yet hitting something hard doesn't phase it either. Just soaks it up...

One more thing...if a dealer tries to talk you out of spending your money at THEIR shop, that says something for credibility...doesn't it?

I am at 235lbs, run .48 springs and 5.6 in the rear. I ride mostly desert and find the springs great in the fast whoops but a bit firm in the nasty rocks.

I got .47 front and 5.8 rear and with the revalve from our local suspension guy(BWR). it works great.For my weight of 240Lbs

You will be able to tell the difference.I was not wanting to give up the money but its worth it.

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