WR Supermoto

Anybody Supermoto there wr's ? I want to try, it maybe for a road trip this summer.

Is this a bad idea ?

Lots of people have. I just picked up a second set of stock wheels so I can mount street tires on it and swap back to dirt mode in about 20 mins.

There is a super moto class where bikes have to have stock rims and suspension travel if your looking to race cheap.

A set of super moto rims sell for about $1200 with disc rotors. You still need tires and brake upgrades and you will have to cut down the suspension to be competitive in the mod classes.

I think he is just wanting to ride it that way.

Look in my garage

My buddy has a set of 17" tires on his '03, and he lent the rims/tires to me for a few weeks last fall... What a blast... If you like to ride your WR on the road, the only way to CARVE the corners:thumbsup: is on some Motard tires... I'm looking for a set for myself as I write this...


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