Pro moto Billet spark arrestor question

I have formerly had an 01' 426 and just baught an 06' 450 today (have not picked it up yet). I was wondering if I'll be able to use the P.M.B. spark arrestor off of my 01' on my 06', or is it just not compatible?? I know the stock end caps on the 2 bikes look totally different.

Input greatly appreciated.


As far as I know, they won't fit because the cans are a different size and shape.

The mounts are different too, so you won't be able to slip the 01 pipe onto your 06. I will probably be selling my PMB endcap in a month or so if you're not in a big hurry to get one... it's the new style with the blue cone tip.

cowboy......I'd be interested..please e-mail at if/when you decide to sell your arrestor.

Thanks guys!

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