pig battery relocation(xr650l)

well i just dove in and did it! everything fits nicely in the existing airbox. same time i put a crf fender on the rear. this is the coolest mod ive done so far! only prob. is now the left side cover looks overly bulbous! way easy and way cool S*!:bonk::p :p :p :p :p :p :bonk::naughty::D

Hows the air flow tho?

Show some picks also please

Yeah! Please show us some pics!

Yes pic s please i am thinking of doing that too. you can get a 600 side pannel to get rid of that buldge

airflow is probably better now cause on top end it runs leaner than it did. i used a uni pod filter and the airbox is no longer used except for the electrics. as for the pics id love to show but i need to figure out how to put them from my camera to show you on the thread.

Do you have a link to that air filter your talking about to see what its like also? Cant help you on postin the pics havent done it myself Sounds like a sweet mod will be waitin for pics.

its called a UNI "pod" filter with a 2andahalf inch inside diameter. i got it from local bike shop for 14 bucks. any bike shop carries these units, just oil it first.its prob 5-6 inch long and the diameter of a fosters beer can(the fat one!). workin on getting the pics up.:bonk::naughty::D:bonk:

posting the pictures are very simple. upload them to a free picture site like photobucket.com for example then it will create a URL link for you. just copy the url link and use the insert image icon which looks like a little mountian in this box. paste the link to the box that appears and hit ok. them submit easy as apple pie

Yeah I would like to see pictures on this mod also.

PICS:bonk: !!!!

well i cant get photobucket to load up so i will try it again.:bonk::naughty::D:bonk::p :p

i have a crap load of those UNI filters BUT there 2 3/4 ID x 4 Got them from my last work they went to K+N filters wonder if you can get the 1/4 gap to sinch tight

ya ichecked mine its 2 1/2 inch dia. and 4 in. long. fits well even with fuse block relocated on outside of air box.

well i cant get photobucket to load up so i will try it again.:bonk::naughty::D:bonk::p :p


sweet will do!!!:bonk:

It looks great looks like we will have the same rear setup when i gat mine together. where did you re locate the air filter? I reall like the modd alot. great job

look at pic 7568. its a uni pod filter. the fuse block is right behind it.

Hmmmm. With that there, how much do you increase the air flow. Is it well protected from the elements and if thereis a substantial increese in ar flow did you have to re jet, are you worried about engine burn out. sorry for all the questions. so far this is the best re location i have seen. I have seen them in the airbox before but they always change to the drz smaller battery and keep the air filter in the box. if you look at other posts you will see some other pics. also (4strokes.com)is a huge honda site and there are pics thereas well.

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