pig battery relocation(xr650l)

Off to work on my bike it is still all apart. I just started my garage on TT take a look tell me what you think.

well i just dove in and did it! everything fits nicely in the existing airbox. same time i put a crf fender on the rear. this is the coolest mod ive done so far! only prob. is now the left side cover looks overly bulbous! way easy and way cool S*!:p :p :p :p :p :p :p:bonk::naughty::D
Show some picks also please

thanks. the airflow did increase and it is quite a bit leaner on top. it will need a rejet. i wont do it tho, cause my 41mm keihin fcr pumper is on the way! no concern for eng. burnout. the pod filter is fairly well protected but i suspect it will need to be cleaned more often. thought about a drz battery, but didnt want to lose c.c.a. stock battery, relay, and cdi unit fit well once the air filter and intake boot(with plate) are S@#$ canned. let me know how it goes and ask any ? you have!:bonk:

garage is sweet! i'll have to do mine now! how do you do it?

can you send me a pick of the rear fender mod i am doing it now

garage is sweet! i'll have to do mine now! how do you do it?

it s easy just click on the garage link on the top and get started

cant do it right now not at home. but i'll send a shot of the crf fender later. there is a good amount of trimming involved but looks good after. i also went and took the air box out to redo the wire routing and battery holddown. it is now pretty sweet. i'll show that pic later too.

Thats great. I started to do alot trimming already and i see i have to trthe end closest to the end of the seat. if you could send a pic with seat off that woind be great. I

.here you go. plus the latest revisions. moved fuse block into air box

.much more sano.






What kind of jetting changes were needed to get the engine to run at it's best? Was there any loss at the low end? How much more high end did you get?

I tried to go with the pods on an old street bike and I was never able to get it right. Eventually I put the air box back in.

right now it seems to be ok. didnt change much power wise. at first i think i over oiled the filter so it was a tad rich on top. but i need to ride it more to really get a feel for it. although ive got a keihin41 fcr pumper on the way so i wont spen much time with the cv carb,

I have a 2006 L. I'd love to see some pic's.

I put my battery under the seat with less effect on airflow while rating the XR600 airbox:


looks like we are chopping it in the same spots. do you have it secure to where the seat ends. also did you re drill new holes it looks like you went a bit further than i

i used the holes on the side of the ufo crf fender. they bolt right up to the stock holes for the turn signals, with a bit of trimming. i left the factory fender brace in place to help with stability.

Mine is comming along nicly. I shaved it down a bit more than you and re drilled new holes. I will post the upgrade in my garage. of the entire process. But it is looking quite good. Also had to heat up and bent the fender brace to get it to fit flush to the new fender. its all fabbed up and hope to install today

Martin love the WB E-2 slip on i have one there awesome, BUT what did you do with your tank shrouds? I am in need of some if you still have them and there in good shape maybe? Thanks nice pics nice job

ya thanks denn. actually my name is rich, i just like mark martin and started posting at age 30. i still have the elephant ears, if you want em, pay the postage and maybe 12 pack of budweiser?!?!?!? pm me if you want em!

How do you feel the bike is running with out the shrouds. are you hotter that average. i an thinking about offing them as well

since ive had the temp dipstick, running with and with out the ears, no noticeable difference in oil temp.

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