Steel liner in Nikasil Cylinder

Anybody out there running a steel liner in their WR after damaging the Nikasil cylinder?

I'm up for a new cylinder unless I run the liner.

I've read up the pros and cons of both, but none specifically related to the WR.

I'm temped to try the liner.

Any performance difference?

Are the different heat transfer characteristics and friction coeff between steel / Nikasil likely to be critical?


have the nikasil replated the cost is pretty reasonable milenium does all of our ducati cyl it should be about $200. If you use cast iron liner you will need to buy a iron sleve, bore out the cyl, install the sleave and then bore the sleve to piston size i am willing to bet that this will cost as much if not more than replating your cyl. You will also have to run the piston to wall clearance looser to prevent a cold seizure do to the fact that that the iron liner grows at a slower rate than the piston.Iron cyl also seem to have more ring drag and are very easily rusted if the motor is sitting in an enviorment with any moisture content.I have seen a yamaha srx 660 road race bike get raced on a sunday and torn down on the following tuesday have rust on the iron cyl from the final resting place of the top ring all the way up to the top of the bore.This will not happen with nikalsil.I would never change an bore from a nicasil bore to an iron bore in my opinion i think that is going backwards 20 years in engine evoultion like going from over head cam to pushrod.

Everyone used to charge $100 to bore out the old sleeve and press in the new one. It normally ended up being $200 for a single cylinder 2stroke quad. It was almost as cheap to just buy a new cylinder for the 250R's.

Good advice guy's thanks.

Unfortunately living in N.Thailand there is no where i can get a Nikasil re-coat so its gonna have to be a new cylinder, piston and rings.

Kyle, excellent info about the liner rusting so quickly on the road bike, I had not even considered that, nor the extra piston to wall clearance that would be required due to the different materials expanding at different rates.

Wow, my old Hodaka 125 Wombat has a steel liner. It sat outside in the weather for 20 years and has no rust in the bore? Just buy a new cylinder or overbore for more cc's and more power. It comes down to how much can you afford.

Big bore kit from Luke's racing will be just about the same cost as a new liner, piston, rings and the machine work to put it all together. I'm sure they can ship international..

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