Calling All Aussies

Can someone tell me if BALLARDS valve shim's are as good as YAMAHA shim's?

Or are they made of the same metal as the genuine shim's and not cheap CHINA


I have no idea, but I can probably hook you up with some some genuine ones for way below RRP if that helps.

just go gen. Then you know what you have

Don't mess around and just get genuine Honda ones. The CRF450 has the same size shims as the 9.48mm They are about $4.50 aud each and the sizes come in smaller increments (0.025mm not 0.05mm) allowing you get get closer to the tolerances you want.:bonk:

why not ring ballards and ask.All the gear seems top notch.

Thanks guys ,I like the HONDA shims idea:thumbsup: I went adjusting today..what a mission that was,when i measured the tolerances and got the shim size,worked out what shim to use and refitted everything.Rechecked the gap and no gap!! :bonk: I had to fit a new unused smaller shim than the one that was fitted.Remeasure the gap ,work out new shim size required.Then refit,at least it all measured out ok then.I think someone must have shaved the shims or can they wear?

I'll measure them at work .It would have been handy if i could have reused them.

I went down to get shims today and honda dont stock them? so i ordered a handfull at $4.50,went over to bike biz yamaha and they ony sell hotcams shims at $8 a pop,genuine yamaha are $13 each.Go the honda ones,thanks again for that one.

I bought a Hotcams shim kit off ebay from the states which was pretty well priced. You get three 9.48mm OD shims in each size from 1.20mm to 3.50 in .05mm increments. I think its 120 shims for just under $115 delivered to your door.:bonk:

(there abouts)

yeah I think i should have done that,by the time i got a few different shims i'd have spent the much anyway!:thumbsup:

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